Sunday, October 7, 2012

Chili on top of Mashed potatoes with Yellow Squash Salsa.

It was very cold today, so I decided to make Chili. The past few weeks I've been making soup, but it's getting to be chili weather soon! I made this recipe up by looking at quite a few recipes and then adapting it to what I had in the kitchen. I don't know how many people eat their Chili over Mashed potatoes, but my family does...and I have to say you should try it! I really love it because it adds a thickness to the chili, I like to leave the chili and mashed potatoes layers separated...but some like to mix it together. It's all good, if you try this recipe I would LOVE to hear your comments.

Vegetarian Chili (or w/ ground beef, I made both by leaving the ground beef out and adding it if someone wanted it.)

- 1 OR 2 cans Kidney beans drained & rinsed.
- 1 yellow squash (reserve ¼ for salsa).
- 1 onion (reserve 2 tbsp for salsa).
- ½ green pepper.
- 2 cans Tomato paste.
- ½ tomato (reserve ¼ for salsa).
- 1tsp Chili powder.
- 2 cloves of Garlic.
- Salt & pepper to taste.

- Ground beef.
- Red pepper flakes.

1) Brown ground beef with red pepper flakes.
2) In a separate pot, sauté 1 onion (reserve 2 tbsp for salsa) & green pepper.
3) Add kidney beans, squash, tomato paste, garlic, chili powder. Add salt and pepper to taste.
4) Boil all for 25 minuets.
5) Add ground beef if desired.

Yellow Squash Salsa

- ¼ of the Yellow squash chopped
- ¼ of the Tomato chopped
- 2 tbsp of Onion chopped
- 1 tsp lemon juice
- Salt & pepper to taste

1) Chop all veggies; mix with lemon juice salt and pepper.

Mashed potatoes
- 3-4 potatoes.
- ¼ cup milk.
- 2 tbsp butter
- Salt & pepper to taste

1) Boil potatoes, drain & return to pot.
2) Add milk, butter, salt & pepper.
3) Mash together.

To make a serving, layer Mashed potatoes on the bottom of the bowl, then Chili (with or without meat), and finally top with a table spoon of Yellow squash salsa.

Garnish with crumbled cheese & serve with croutons, crackers or crusty bread.