Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Favorite Pinterest Posts

I was probably the last person to hop on the Pinterest band wagon, I had looked at it and found cute things. But I didn’t get one till a few months ago. My only problem is that I can not keep up with the constant inspiration, but I guess that is good so I always have project ideas that I want to get to. Here are some of my favorite posts and why I love them.

1) Hangers as a magazine rack. This is a great idea, keeping them display in a cute way.

2) Travel Pack. I really need to make these, and I think everyone else should also, it’s just so useful to most people.

3) Chalk board dinner planner. I really want to make this when I have my own place, its also really convenient because it’s hidden out of view. 

4) Moon and back poster. I really want this poster, it reminds me of It’s a Wonderful Life (my favorite Christmas movie.

5) Crazy Sexy Kitchen. I got this recipe book for Christmas, I wanted to eat better and so I was SO glad when I got it. I have only tried the apple shortcake, which was so good. The only down side is that  I spent a bit more cash than I usually do and I’m on a extremely short budget, but I’m trying.

6) Floral Skirt. I want to make a skirt like this, I already have some fabric, I just have to start.

7) Elsie's (of A Beautiful Mess)The Library Date Dress, is my absolute favorite in her collection with ModCloth I never got to snatch one up when they were on sale. I still love it though.

8) Pet bed. I want to make this for my cat, he had a bed when he was little, but I want this one, it looks too cute. My dog would probably try to lay in it also.

9) Kitchen peg board. I would love to make one of these, maybe not as big, but I would love to do this. It would free up space in my small kitchen & when Kevin is helping me do the dishes there won’t be a kitchen table full of dried dishes like, “I don’t know where they go…”

10) Swiss Autumn Photo. I think this would look absolutely beautiful framed on mine, or your wall. :]

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