Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Movie Night

One of my new years resolutions is to do more things with Kevin, so I decided to do a monthly movie, game or date night. This month was a movie night. We went to Redbox , I picked Dark Shadows and he picked Spider man 3. We have already seen The Amazing Spider Man at Kent State University, but he liked it more than the other ones and said they only messed up a few things. (Obviously he loves comics, a lot.) So for now one of my features will be movies we watch, games and sometimes date nights.

Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows.

So, I was kind of disappointed with this movie, I’m a huge Tim Burton fan. Now the movie was not horrible or anything, the ideas were cool but it never really went anywhere. I’m all for sifi and fantasy (Kevin is not for it as much as me), and even I was disappointed. The acting from most main characters did well, but the beginning was very slow and the end really lead to nowhere. The basic plot is that Barnabas Collins was cursed by a witch, and buried in a grave. About 200 years later he was found, still in his coffin. The witch is still alive and is challenging him and his family, he is fighting to remove the curse. It sounds interesting, but the movie was way too slow and could lose your attention easily.  
The Amazing Spiderman.

The Amazing Spider Man.
I really liked this movie, Andrew Garfield playing Peter (Spider Man) I feel did a lot better job, and he even has an accents. It was interesting, the villain has a interesting story line. There are a few things changed from the actual beginning of the comic, Kevin tells me. (Spoiler alert!) Gwen Stacy actually dies before her father, while Spider Man is trying to save her…he catches her with his web, but she had already fell so far that the recoil broke her neck. :[ And something about Uncle Ben’s death being a little different. Of course Stan Lee had a funny part in this one, Spider Man is kind of his baby.

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