Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Years Resolution 2013

     1)      Blog once a week. I really need to do this, I have this problem where I read blogs I love almost every week. But for some reason I do not seem to keep up with my blog, so I need to find a way to motivate myself to blog more.

2)      Journal once a week. I used to keep a personal journal a lot more when I was younger, but as things got more hectic in daily life I stopped journaling as much.

3)      Have a monthly night, where we rotate movie night, game night and date night.

4)      Eat Better (I got Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Kitchen for Christmas this year, and I am really excited [&& nervous] to try some of these new recipes).

5)      Lose 35 pounds. (Sweat at least once a day).

6)      Dress better. (Wear better jackets and just spend more time picking out clothes I really want to wear).

7)      Take more pictures. Of daily life, family and myself.

8)      Finish every book I’ve started. I love reading…but sometimes I’ll read a book half way through and put it back on the shelve. Also I got A Visit From The Goon Squad By Jennifer Egan for Christmas this year from my boyfriend, and I’ve been wanting to read this book since about last Christmas when I was reading The Best American Short Stories By Geraldine Brooks, for my creative writing class.

9)      Take two weekend road trips. As a college student, we can not afford vacation, so I just wanted to take some small road trips and see some places that we have not seen.

10)  Create more. I just want to do more projects.

11)  Listen to more music. I just feel that we don’t listen to music as much as we used to, and music is good so we should do that more.
** And this post is my first of the year, so this is my post of this week, i may get more motivated to post more than once a week. **

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