Monday, January 7, 2013

Twenty before Twenty-one

I made this list in November when I turned 20, I’ve already accomplished two of the things on my list. I really hope that I will be able to finish all of these before I turn 21. Their not much, but I think that they will be challenging enough for me to accomplish this year.


20 before 21


1)      Exercise 3 times a week.

2)      Make an inspiring craft area, and organize it more.

3)      Do a photo shoot with clothes, and things I make.

4)      Discover a new artist.

5)      Discover a new band. (Done; Of Monsters and Men)

6)      Apartment makeover.

7)      Host a small party.

8)      Re-organize art & hang more photos.(Done, living room and bed room.)

9)      Crochet something, other than a scarf.

10)  Design handbags.

11)  Write a short book.

12)  Start a new collection

13)  Design (more) felt toy animals.

14)  Join CSA for awhile.

15)  Go on a weekend vacation.

16)  Start a vegetable or herb garden.

17)  Buy a Polaroid Instax & scrapbook with it.

18)  Have a table at a craft fair.

19)  Paint something.

20)  Re-upholster chair.


Do you make lists of _years before _years? I’d love to hear what your goals are before you turn a year older?

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